Cinco de Mayo ‘The Battle, La Batalla’ turned out to be a true spectacular! This is what fans deserve!

To all the warrior participants, I give you a grand applaud. You are the reason people love boxing! Every boxer on last night’s card performed like champions. Regardless of the outcomes, I want to tell you, that you all were great and you are the definition of Prize Fighting.

To the boxers’ team members, Managers, Trainers and assistants, thank you for you do. You are the backbone of success!

To the Wyoming Commission, and all the officials a, big thank you. You handled your duties like true professionals. Thank you all!

To Jozlyn Dickerson and the staff at the Red Lion Hotel and Conference Center, Thank you very much.

To the crew and staff, BRAVO! On a job that exceeded expectations.

To our promotional team, Raul Utajara, Ghost Town Gladiators Promotions and Glenn Goodson, A! PRO Promotions, we’re only getting started!

To Mr. Harry Barnett, a strong man in the business and a friend I’ve had the pleasure of working with going way back to the Don King days. Thank you, you are appreciated!

To the fans, success is not possible without you! Thank you very much.

Ladies and Gentleman, until the next one, keep your heads to the sky! …and remember, ‘keep them hands up’!

Aurelio Martinez,

Chichimecan, Sports and Entertainment


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