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Aurelio Martinez took to the gym while a student at Manual High School [Denver, Colorado] Martinez’ started boxing at the Crusade For Justice under the tutelage of Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales and Ralph Luna.


Martinez turns Promoter in 1986, opens the ‘Catacombs’ boxing gym and retires as a fighter. Martinez’ boxing events quickly became the “Pride” of Colorado bringing in name fighters such as Wilfredo Benitez, Rey Medel, Joey Olivo among many others.

On June 23, 1989, Martinez brought the first championship contest Colorado had witnessed since 1957 when Joe Brown defeated Orlando Zulueta. The June 23rd. event was held at Currigan Exhibition Hall, Downtown Denver, Colorado. Champion Rey Medel from San Antonio, Texas successfully defended his IBF/USBA title against Italian contender Luigi Camputaro. The event was produced for broadcast on national TV by Cornell Richardson of New York.


Martinez continues to promote boxing events under the banner of Inside Boxing Promotions.

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